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DO NOT believe those ads.

I'm taking this enforced 'covid holiday' to do a bit of business housekeeping.

One thing I've been wanting to do is update/improve my website. Eezipeezi I hear you say. Well for the IT challenged like me it isn't. DO NOT believe those ads that say "Use our website builder it's so awesomely easy even a galah can do it." I had been using a combo of Wordpress and Godaddy for the last six or so years, OMG, I always felt like the squirrel in the attached pic whenever I got something right, which was rare. Now I have just switched to Wix and Godaddy. Phew, feeling a little smarter already.

So Wordpress might be good if you have half a clue and want to 'design' your page, but wow, don't do it if you have no clue, like me, Mr. Clueless. Wix, on the other hand has been pretty intuitive. It's template based and if you don't plan on wanting to re-configure the template, that is just use what you are given, it is pretty straight forward. I am having an issue at the moment with trying to import my Outlook 365 across to Wix's Google version. Too hard for me to sort so am getting help with it. Otherwise, I am happy with how it is looking. Not sure how the online booking part is going to go, but, I suspect most of my clients will continue to call or email me. We shall see.

So, check it out, hope you like it:

PS: You will notice I am now Jonathan Dade Photo Video and not Jonathan Dade Photography. This tweak to my trading name is due to video production becoming a huge part of what I do now.

Happy for any feedback, and if I think it has merit I will consider it, if not, well I won't. :-)

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